Lizzie My Love
ASIN: B00865PJ2U

Lizzie Banister has always taken care of her little sister. Motherless since Jane was born, Lizzie learned early that it was up to her to make sure that her pretty and flirtatious sister doesn’t ruin herself.


On a ship en route to Australia, Lizzie and Jane meet the very handsome Zek Grey, a landed gentleman in Australia. With his dark hair and smoldering eyes, Zek is used to getting what he wants. But what if what he wants is the raven-locked Lizzie, who is surely too practical to take his attentions seriously.


While the girls fight to survive in the unfamiliar lands of Australia, Zek fights to earn the heart of the only girl he could ever love…



Lizzie My Love, previously released by Mills & Boon under the name Deborah Miles, is now available as an eBook for Kindle or Nook.