My Lady Imposter
ASIN: B008673FWE

In the violent early years of King Henry II’s reign, the beautiful Kathryn is a lowly peasant girl on Lord Ralf’s estate. Despite her humble origins, Kathryn is determined find a way to escape a life of servitude.


When Lord Ralf brings her to his castle, scrubs off her peasant dirt and teaches her how to be a noble lady, Kathryn knows she has only her wits to save her. Tasked with impersonating the granddaughter of the dying Sir Piers de Brusac in order to gain his lands, Kathryn acts for her life.


Will Kathryn be able to hide her growing feelings for Lord Ralf…and will Lord Ralf be able to resist the sweet charms of a peasant girl gone noble?



My Lady Imposter, previously released by Mills & Boon under the name Deborah Miles, is now available as an eBook for Kindle or Nook.